Water Reports

Consumer Confidence Report

Our water starts off as rain and surface water that seeps into soil and rocks. The water is pulled down by gravity and it takes time to travel through layers of soil and lava rock and finally settles in a groundwater aquifer. Once it is pumped up from wells, the process to ensure the water is usable begins. The water goes into tanks for storage for peak use, fire service, and daily supply. The rate of extracting the water through pumping versus the natural occurrence of water filtering into the aquifer is known as the “re-charge rate.”

To ensure water is safe for drinking and day-to-day use, Lāna‘i Water Company conducts regular testing as required by the Department of Health, Clean Drinking Water Branch. These tests demonstrate the purity of our groundwater. In fact, Lāna‘i water consistently meets or exceeds state public health requirements. The results of the tests, which are conducted by Lāna‘i Water Company and the Hawai‘i State Department of Health, are published annually in the Consumer Confidence Report. The report is mailed to Lāna‘i residents, posted around Lāna‘i City, and posted on this web site annually — usually before June each year.

Past Annual CCRs

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Periodic Water Report (PWR)

Another tool the Lāna‘i Water Company uses is the Periodic Water Report (PWR). These reports contain gallons of water pumped, water use on the island, water well levels, and water temperature and chlorides. This report is submitted to the County, CWRM, and is available on the website upon its completion. The updated High/Low and Temperature Reports will be available shortly.

Current PWR

Past Annual PWRs

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Lāna‘i Water Use and Development Plan

Lāna‘i Water Plan Provisions

Please refer to page 28 of the Draft Lāna‘i Water Use and Development Plan for the Lāna‘i Water Plan Provisions.