Pay Online

  • Log into the Lānaʻi Water Company Payment Portal to:
    • Make a one-time payment using a credit card by clicking Quick Pay.
    • Schedule automatic payments to avoid late fees. As a security feature, registering for automatic payments online requires you to enter the phone number we have on file with your account. If you have any difficulties registering, please call us at 808.565.3664 and we can update your phone number on file.
    • Lānaʻi Water Company does not charge any transaction fees for online payments. There are third parties that charge fees for processing your payment. Be sure that you are only using the Lānaʻi Water Company website for payment transactions.
    • If you forgot your user name, click on the register here button on the login page and provide your account number and phone number, and it will allow you to reset your login information.

Pay Automatically by ACH

  • It saves you time and postage!
  • Your payment is always on time (even if you’re out of town), eliminating late charges.
  • There’s no chance of your check being lost en route.
  • No need to write a check.
  • It is free to all Lānaʻi Water Company accounts.
  • Click HERE for a copy of the ACH Sign-up Form.

Pay by Mail

Send payment along with payment stub to:

Lānaʻi Water Company, Inc.
PO Box 630310
Lānaʻi City, HI 96763

No cash, staples or paper clips, please.

Pay in Person

We have a drop box outside of the Pūlama Central office building, and payments may also be dropped off at the Pūlama Facilities Office.

Installment Plans

In some cases, we may also be able to offer customers an installment plan to extend the time a customer has to pay a past due balance. This is a free service that assists eligible customers spread the costs of past due balances over time. Please contact us, and we can help set up an installment plan agreement or download the payment plan agreement form here.

We’re Here to Help

Lānaʻi Water Company recognizes the impact COVID-19 is having on our customers.  Please contact us if we can assist with issues specific to your needs.  Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission Order No. 37667 provides the latest regulatory information regarding Lānaʻi Water Company’s response.