Drought Watch

Lanai Water Company Announces Drought Watch;

Asks Customers to Voluntarily Conserve Water

Lanai Water Company has announced a drought watch for all customers on Lanai effective immediately.  We are experiencing lower levels of rainfall causing drier conditions across the island. We are requesting all customers to conserve water.

The Hawaii Drought Monitor has indicated that the majority of the island is in moderate drought conditions with portions of the island including the Manele area to be in a severe drought.

All water customers are being requested to voluntarily reduce water consumption by only using water when necessary and implementing water conservation measures.

For more information about the drought conditions, visit dlnr.hawaii.gov/drought.

Lanai Water Company offers the following tips to help customers conserve water:

  • Water your lawn only when needed, reduce automatic irrigation time, and water when the sun is down to avoid evaporation
  • Turn off water faucet when washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or shaving
  • Shorten the length of showers and fill tubs only partially for baths
  • Do laundry when wash loads are full and use proper settings on your washer
  • Wash your car using a bucket
  • Install low-flow fixtures for shower heads, faucet aerators, and hose nozzles
  • Check your toilet for leaks using dye available at the Lanai Water Company
  • Sign up for the Eye on Water app to receive leak notifications. Learn More.

Lanai Water Company is available to assist customers in finding leaks.

Customers may call 808-565-3664 to schedule time with one of our staff to help locate a leak.